Excel of the SanddollarAn exercise in Christian living

What is Excel?

Excel is a lay educational program for Christian renewal.

The purpose of Excel is renewing Christian life among people in the churches where it is used.

It happens over one weekend - new life, new vitality, and new effectiveness to congregations!

When and Where is Excel?

October 25 - 27, 2013

At Beckwith Camp and Conference Center Fairhope, AL

Beckwith is the Camp and Conference Center of the Episcopal Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast, located on Weeks Bay in South Baldwin County, Alabama.

A beautiful bayside retreat, Beckwith is set on 54 acres of tall pines and landscaped open spaces. Founded in 1933 and named for the Rt. Rev. Charles Beckwith, fourth bishop of the Diocese of Alabama, the center serves guests of all denominations, races, and national origins.

We believe that it is good for people to study, confer, pray, or relax in attractive and secluded surroundings.


Excel International de Colores

Holy Cross MCC - Pensacola, FL

Cornerstone MCC - Mobile, AL

Gentle Shepherd MCC - Tallahassee, FL

Legend of the Sand Dollar

There is a legend in this land Aabout a dollar made of sand.
How much it's worth I've not been told, but to me it's worth much more than gold.

The Sand Dollar, so they tell, is also called "Holy Ghost Shell."
It's fascinating as can be this shell that come forth from the sea.

A religious story it does tell, this fragile, lovely piece of shell,
Christ's birth, Christ's death, how Christ rose again, can all be found in this white sand.

An Easter lily - a five pointed star, five narrow slits,
there they are like the spear wound and holes from nails, just look at that! It never fails.

A Christmas poinsettia and also the bell are found on the opposite side of the shell.
Inside the shell, when it is broken, are five little birds - another token.

Five little birds called "Doves of Peace" to teach us we should
never cease to love and help our fellow human, the lesson is here - right in the sand.

Sand Dollars tell a story old, they are worth much more than gold.
As friends like you, and all that is free, They are a treasure ... at least, to me.


©2013 Excel of the Sand Dollar
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